IKEA Stores Becoming Microgrids

CISC Member Success Story – Planet Ark Power

Architectural simulation of the completed microgrid at IKEA store

Australia’s largest grid-connected commercial microgrid of its kind by Planet Ark Power at IKEA Adelaide. The $6.6m, 1.2MW solar installation connected to an on-site 3MW battery and Planet Ark Power’s eleXsys Energy Management System (eEMS) is set to commence construction. Congratulations to CISC Vice President Will Waters for his work on this ground-breaking project.

Jan Gardberg, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA Australia says “IKEA Australia is working to achieve three goals in our sustainability agenda including:

  • being powered by 100% clean energy,
  • transitioning our delivery fleet to 100% zero-emissions,
  • inspiring our customers in joining a clean energy movement.

We are thrilled that this project will create new opportunities for job creation, innovation, economic growth and reduced energy costs.”

Planet Ark Power’s Jonathon Ruddick says “Three years on from when the SA Government committed to invest $1.9m in the IKEA eleXsys Microgrid, PV panels and battery prices have fallen to such an extent that, along with the avoidance of one-off, start-up R&D and design costs, similar grid-connected microgrids will stand on their own two feet, without the need for ongoing government financial support.”

For more information visit Planet Ark Power

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