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Create a Local Circular Economy with the Waste Less App

Use the Waste Less App to reduce landfill and increase resource recovery.

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How to Save Money on Your Water Bills

Save your business money with Water Cost Audits.

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Regson Fabrication


Read how Regson Fabrication produces zero emissions steel and creates local jobs.

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ONM Energy Helping to Turn Organic Waste into Renewable Energy and Profit

ONM Energy

See how ONM energy is providing solutions to underperforming Anaerobic Digestion Plants to help turn organic waste into renewable energy and profit.

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Building with Hemp

Hempblocks are the first carbon negative, load bearing building material available in Australia.

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Mooloolaba Roof Goes Cleantech

Cleantech Member Success Story – ARCPANEL Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast Member ARCPANEL’s innovative, prefabricated Ecotek Panel roofing system tops off the $18 million redevelopment of the Brisbane Road Car Park in Mooloolaba. Aurem Pty Ltd have utilised ARCPANEL’S roofing system…

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IKEA Stores Becoming Microgrids

CISC Member Success Story – Planet Ark Power Australia’s largest grid-connected commercial microgrid of its kind by Planet Ark Power at IKEA Adelaide. The $6.6m, 1.2MW solar installation connected to an on-site 3MW battery and Planet Ark Power’s eleXsys Energy…

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Off The Grid Eco Tourism

CISC Member Success Story – ENOPTE Partnering with Aussie Tiny Houses, ENOPTE’s 5 kWh PowerStation battery stores solar power and enables off-the-grid accommodation. Alex Cooper’s of Ketchup’s Bank Glamping says the glamping style tiny house gives his guests a luxury…

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