Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast operates within the Sunshine Coast region which has the ambition of being the most sustainable region in Australia. 

This means we can influence and leverage activities that are already a top priority for our local government.

The Sunshine Coast Council has established a corporate plan from 2021 – 2025 that includes the goals of being healthy, smart and creative. 

To learn more about the Sunshine Coast Council vision for the future watch the following video:

Sunshine Coast Council Corporate Plan 2021 – 2025

In collaboration with government, industry and not for profits, CISC will provide a strong and guiding hand towards the integration of SDGs into day-to-day business on the Sunshine Coast.

Government plays a large role in supporting our sustainability efforts

We are privileged to be supported by the Sunshine Coast Council as well as Noosa Council. Cleantech has been identified as high value industry, so we frequently communicate and collaborate with government to increase sustainability in this region.

CISC is integral to linking government with industry, and industry with the wider population.  CISC provides a central location for Sunshine Coast Council to promote, support and celebrate their sustainability initiative