We welcome companies and organisations that operate in the cleantech industry!

Industry members support our mission to promote cleantech and can get benefits for their own business. There is a free membership model available (one off fee for signing up waived until further notice), and the possibility to pledge and become a Cleantech Champion. 

Cleantech Champions are committed to being an active part of the change towards a more sustainable world. They pledge their support and fund the work of CISC to bring the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life locally! By funding CISC they play a major role in making the Sunshine Coast a more sustainable region and deserve recognition for their contribution. For additional benefits, please see below.

To be eligible to join CISC as a Cleantech Industry Member, your company needs to…

  • Offer cleantech products, solutions, or services
  • Be registered or represented in the greater Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Noosa, or Gympie regions
  • Be of good standing
  • Be accepted by the CISC Board

Membership is currently free and we will be introducing a joining fee in future. Join now to avoid the joining fee and reap the rewards.

We welcome companies and organisations that operate outside of the cleantech industry!

Are you a non-cleantech business or individual? You don’t need to be IN the industry to be a part of a growing community of businesses and people doing their part for climate change.

Any business, individual, NFP, council, state or federal government department can become a  Supporter Member. This would suit businesses that want to support the cleantech industry, but don’t sell any sustainable products themselves. It would also suit students or people wanting to support the industry and get involved on an individual basis. It includes Media Supporters and Event Supporters. While councils and government departments do great work in sustainability, they are not in the business of selling cleantech products and services. This would also suit cleantech or sustainable businesses that are located outside of our region. 

Membership is currently free and we will be introducing a joining fee in future.