Off The Grid Eco Tourism

CISC Member Success Story – ENOPTE

Partnering with Aussie Tiny Houses, ENOPTE’s 5 kWh PowerStation battery stores solar power and enables off-the-grid accommodation.

Alex Cooper’s of Ketchup’s Bank Glamping says the glamping style tiny house gives his guests a luxury eco-tourism experience with views of the Scenic Rim and is already in high demand.

Solar panels are installed in the roof and depending on the roof’s shape and design will affect the amount of panels that may be installed. Another option is to have the solar panels mounted on the ground.

The system has an input for generator, or mains, in event of charging the battery due to bad weather conditions, etc.

Allowing environmental and educational insights, guests at this couple’s retreat experience what it’s like to live completely off the grid relying on the sun’s energy to power everything from the lighting to the electrical appliances.

For more information about battery storage contact ENOPTE

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