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The Ecoefficiency Group


Leaders in Sustainable Business


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The Ecoefficiency Group has decades of experience helping business, industry, and government implement practices that provide a stable platform for growth with minimal environmental impact. Our aim is to help industry profit from improved sustainability. We help businesses identify and implement environmentally sustainable practices both for individual production processes and across supply chains. From specific energy, carbon, water or waste assessments through to broader sustainability strategies, The Ecoefficiency Group can help you and your business.

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Penny Prasad

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Penny Prasad, Director



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Chapel Hill, Qld, 4069 

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PO Box 721, Indooroopilly 4068

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Australian Based ✔️ Queensland Based ✔️ Sunshine Coast Based ✔️

Eco Services:

AS3598 Energy Audits, Carbon Footprints, Carbon Neutral Status, Water Audits, Waste Assessments, Technology Assessments, Measurement and Verification Professionals, Business Sustainability Training, Staff Engagement, Business Sustainability Assessments, Strategies and Public Reports.

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Sustainable Business

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