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Rejuvenate Eco


Sustainability Is Profitable


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Megyn Carpenter is host of the Green Profits Podcast and provides sustainability and cleantech consulting and marketing services to business as Rejuvenate Eco.

Megyn’s skill in breaking down barriers to sustainable practice has been sought by many industry leaders who have benefited by her innovative business model and educational podcasts. She has been recognised for innovation in bioplastics.

Megyn has developed and delivered over 200 business workshops both in Australia, the USA and online. After years running her website and marketing businesses and working as a Marketing Strategist, Megyn brings a business-focussed, marketing and strategic approach to cleantech and sustainability.

As the demand for cleantech, renewables and sustainable products, services and practices increases exponentially, ensure your business is not left behind. Her podcast and guides target business leaders and managers and fast-tracks sustainability expertise within business to reduce the carbon footprint while increasing profitability.

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Megyn Carpenter

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0410 584537

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Sunshine Coast

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Consulting and marketing services

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