Code of Ethics:

  1. Uphold the visions and goals of the Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast Inc. (hereafter called the Association)
  2. Work to further the objects of the Association  
  3. Operate the business as a financially solvent entity. 
  4. Perform the duties that may be assigned to me by the Association and agreed, from time to time properly, efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the Association. 
  5. Abide by the decisions of the Association’s Management Committee as determined by the Association and deliver upon the agreed actions (as appropriate)*   
  6. As a member of the Association’s Management Committee*, undertake to attend meetings (as arranged) or notify the Secretary of an appropriate delegate to attend in my place, with apologies to the chair for non-attendance. 
  7. Refer any matter likely to bring the Association into disrepute to the President or Secretary of the Association in a timely manner. 
  8. Represent the views of the Association as requested by the Management Committee 
  9. Treat all information and intellectual property obtained in closed sessions of the Association as Commercial-in-Confidence and make use of this information for the exclusive benefit of the Association. 
  10. Not use information obtained from the Association for my own personal use. 
  11. Advise if there is a conflict of interest with discussions or operations of the Association and agree that I may be asked to leave the meeting and not participate in voting on that matter. I agree to abide by the decision of the Management Committee on the matter. 
  12. Respect all individual members of the association and treat each member with courtesy and respect.  
  13. Be a member (where possible) of an appropriate recognised industry body/association 
  14. Agree that the spokesperson for the Association is the President or his/her nominated representative. I agree to refrain from making statements purporting to represent the views of fellow members or the Association without authorisation.  
  15. Refer all enquiries to the Secretary of the Association or a spokesperson nominated by the Management Committee. 
  16. Undertake to operate within the business frameworks set out in the Queensland Fair Trading Act. 
  17. Use, or work toward using, sustainability practices as an underpinning principle of all endeavors undertaken in the course of doing business. 
    * This only applies to members who actively participate in the Association.

Charter of Values:

  1.  To respect and support the sustainability and health of our natural and built environment. 
  2. Support businesses who genuinely seek to provide products and services that contribute to the sustainability and health of our natural and built environment. 
  3. To work cooperatively to achieve the vision of the organisation and the most effective outcomes for members and the cleantech industry sector. 
  4. To share information and educational opportunities with members, the sector and with the community, where commercial-in-confidence allows. 
  5.   To encourage members, clients, partners, supporters and the general public to use and support local Sunshine Coast suppliers where possible. 
  6. Promote and facilitate world’s best energy, water, sustainability and employment practices among members and the cleantech sector businesses