ASPIRE Benefits Business

The ASPIRE waste resource exchange platform benefits business.

Got Waste? Exchange Or Sell It on ASPIRE!

Want Materials? Get Them Or Buy Them On ASPIRE!

With FREE access for Sunshine Coast organisations, the Sunshine Coast Council is the first in Queensland to invest in the innovative online platform ‘ASPIRE’.

What is it?
ASPIRE is an online marketplace that trades waste as a resource, a true circular economy system. It’s a matching service to exchange or purchase resources that would otherwise be discarded and sent to landfill.

The Benefits:
It’s FREE! The Sunshine Coast Council was the first in Queensland to invest in the platform. Sunshine Coast organisations and businesses, schools, community groups or organisations of up to 100 full-time staff can use ASPIRE. All you need is an ABN. Other Councils around Australia are investing in ASPIRE including Moreton Bay, Logan and the Gold Coast. There are enormous benefits for organisations including:

  1. Save on the costs of waste disposal
  2. Resolve issues surrounding waste
  3. Reduce your environmental impact and divert resources destined for landfill
  4. Create innovative solutions for reuse and recycling
  5. Earn revenue from selling existing waste
  6. Create new supply chains

How it works:

  1. Register as a member (it’s free!)
  2. List your waste resources
  3. Interested organisations on the platform can connect, negotiate and arrange (free or paid) exchanges
  4. You can report on your local circular economy activities to your customers, community and shareholders using the platform

Read more and register

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