Remade in Australia

remade in australia
Remade in Australia is bringing the Circular Economy mainstream.

Remade in Australia is an exciting new Federal Government initiative showcasing its commitment to creating a circular economy through smart investment, sustainable procurement, product stewardship and managing waste exports.

Reducing waste to reduce landfill (and carbon emissions) is a key driver of the new policy, with the bonus of creating jobs via new sorting centres. By sorting and recycling more waste here and with better regulation of exported waste, there is less chance that products sent overseas for recycling end up in landfill.

Sustainable Procurement turns waste into new products which increases jobs, reduces landfill and the demand for raw products.

An example is taking old tyres to create new infrastructure, including roads or by turning plastic (which would otherwise end up in landfill) to create new playground equipment.

Change is coming to recycling to create new products from old.

By focusing Government spending on the circular economy ensures Australia is taking meaningful action on its responsibility of reducing carbon emissions.

Product Stewardship is putting the responsibility of reducing waste back on businesses and industries that create it.

It forces companies to re-think from the design stages to the end life of a product on how they will reduce waste through reduced packaging whilst producing products (and packaging) that are easy for consumers to recycle.

Piles like this will be used to make new products and infrastructure.

In the past, businesses and governments pushed recycling as a consumer issue and whilst this new initiative is still reliant on all Australians supporting these ventures through proper sorting of household waste and recycling at home; Remade in Australia puts the responsibility of reduction of waste onto those that create it, especially single use products.

We’ve seen many Australian Governments talk big on carbon reduction and offsets, but by implementing legislation and policies that support a circular economy, Australia is finally heading in the right direction to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Visit the Remade in Australia website to learn more.

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