Create a Local Circular Economy with the Waste Less App

Everfocus Director, Ryan Hollis was providing advice to businesses helping them to implement sustainable practices when he had an idea.

The problem he faced was a confusion or a lack of knowledge amongst his target customers on what was recyclable and what resources could be re-used.

He wanted to make the process easier to figure out, so he built the Waste Less App. A pilot project aimed at helping consumers better understand what products can be recycled, how and where they can be reused and most importantly, how to reduce waste ending up in landfill.

After an initial trial, he found his customers had reduced on average 32% of waste ending up in landfill. There was a 15% increase in recycling rates and 40% improvement in resource recovery!

The Waste Less App trial proved that when you make it easier for people to reduce landfill by understanding what can be recycled, then they will recycle more.

Ryan’s next step is going wide and working with local councils to promote the app to reduce landfill.

Find out more about Everfocus on the CISC Member Directory Page.

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