How to Save Money on Your Water Bills

Did you know you could make huge savings on you water bill? It’s possible your business may have been over-charged or there may be errors in your bill, so it pays to check. Using a 4-step strategy (Analysis, Survey, Report and Action), CISC Member, Water Cost Audits (WCA) helps commercial customers ensure they’re being correctly charged for their water usage. Their process involves:

  • Send in your water bills for checking
  • WCA come on site to confirm the potential
  • WCA will tell you what they’ve found & seek permission to proceed
  • We do the work to recover charges and put savings in place

Several local Sunshine Coast businesses have undertaken an audit and were surprised by the results.

Oxley Golf Club: Refund $14,000 + Savings $1,700 per annum

The water supplier was using inaccurate information, WCA investigated and confirmed an error since accounting procedures were changed in 2010 which resulted in many years of overcharging!

Negotiations with the supplier ended with a full refund of incorrect charges for the Club.

“Uncovering an error our supplier had made for many years and resolving it quickly, speaks volumes about WCA’s work. They recovered every dollar overcharged, almost $14,000 refunded back. Costs have also been reduced year on year going forward for the Club. We’re really happy with the results and recommend anyone consider using the service to ensure they’ve not been overcharged too.”

Aaron Muirhead, General Manager, Oxley Golf Club

Coolum Surf Club: Refund $6,500 + Savings $5,000 per year

The Club was incorrectly charged and were offered a 1-year refund after we identified errors. WCA
negotiated on the Club’s behalf and secured a refund of all incorrect charges ever levied.

“Not only have we reduced costs significantly going forward, thanks to Water Cost Audits, they also managed to obtain a refund from our supplier too! The friendly and professional process has been simple for the Club to engage with. I would recommend other organisations work with WCA.”

– Mal Wright, General Manager, Coolum Surf Club

“None of our customers had considered that there could be issues around water charges, but many
had looked at other utility costs in the past. Our customers now know they are not consuming more
than they should and not paying any more than necessary. Both the environmental and financial
aspects have been covered in one pass, with great returns as a bonus.”

“Water Cost Audits approach is both innovative and customer friendly in that we are only paid by results, there is no obligation on our customers to follow our recommendations (although they always do when we discuss the savings) and finally we do all of the work leaving the customer free to carry on running their business.”

Phil Gabriel, Water Cost Audits

For further information visit the Water Cost Audits CISC Member page.

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