recycling and clean energy roadmap

Recycling & Clean Energy Manufacturing Funding

Grant Funding is now open under the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative in “Recycling & Clean Energy”, one of the six National Manufacturing Priorities.

The Recycling & Clean Energy manufacturing road map vision is:

 “To develop world-leading advanced manufacturers that seize opportunities from sustainability, clean energy transition and waste reduction demands by leveraging Australia’s advantages in innovation, technology, renewable and mineral resources, and our onshore industrial base.”

Grant funding is available for a minimum of $1 million with cash co-contribution (minimum project amount $2 million) and joint applications are acceptable (with a lead organisation appointed). All projects must be completed by 31 March 2024.

The key areas of growth opportunity are 

1) Manufactured products that enable recycling or use recycled feedstock, eg Recyclable products and packaging, cleaner feedstocks for remanufacturing or products from recycled feedstocks; 

2) Manufacture products that enable or use clean energy, eg Hydrogen tech, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cabling, thermal energy and modularised renewables; Microgrids, inverters, electric vehicle chargers and next generation photovoltaic (PV) modules; Specialised batteries, grid-scale batteries and battery precursors; Low emissions steel and aluminium; and 

3) Overlapping Recycling and Clean Energy, eg Carbon fibre and graphene, recycling clean energy components

There are 3 streams for grant funding application:

  1. Translation Stream – to help manufacturers translate good ideas into commercial outcomes and encourage innovation investment
  2. Integration Stream – to help manufacturers integrate into local and domestic supply chains
  3. Collaboration Stream – to provide funding for very large projects to build economies of scale (not open yet)

Recycling and Clean Energy National Manufacturing Priority Roadmap

Read more and download Guidelines

Applications now open and closing 5pm, Wed 5 May 2021.

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