Regson Fabrication

Established in 1992, Regson Fabrication is a preferred supplier for Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Main Roads (TMR), Spotless Facilities Managers, and McBerns Innovations Solutions.

One of their many success stories includes the upgrade of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Car Park and artwork installations. They used only locally sourced quality materials, reducing carbon emissions. They used zero energy from the grid to manufacture steel, utilising solar at the Kunda Park Factory. By keeping manufacturing local, they created jobs here.

In an unlikely partnership, Nicky McMillan from Regson Fabrication ran a pop-up fruit stall to educate builders, working on the car park upgrade to eat more fruit for fuel instead of energy drinks and chocolate bars. Within 6 months she had workers showing off their healthy lunch boxes and proved that with the right approach, change can happen.

Regson Fabrication won the Master Builders Sunshine Coast Commercial Trade Contractor of the Year award in 2017. 

By supporting local industry, utilising solar and even educating builders on healthy eating habits, Regson Fabrication is proof sustainable change can happen in any business.

You can find out more details about Regson Fabrication on their CISC member page.

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