The Latest in Battery Technology

Stephanie Moroz, CEO of local battery innovator and manufacturer, Nano-Nouvelle was a guest speaker at The Cleantech Effect, the Sunshine Coast gathering of businesses and supporters of clean and green technology.

Nano-Nouvelle, based on the Sunshine Coast is developing world-leading nanotechnology that can boost lithium ion battery storage capacity by up to 50%.

Stephanie guided the audience through tips for selecting the latest battery options available and compared:

  • Lead Acid batteries
  • Lithium Ion batteries
  • Flow batteries

Firstly, Stephanie advised, when deciding on the type of battery storage, ask ‘What is the purpose?’ Is it for backup power, peak shaving or to maximise self consumption?

Consider the peak usage time of the day, the costs of installation and maintenance, available energy storage and the rate of charge and discharge when comparing battery types.

It can be expensive to go totally off grid so a hybrid model where the batteries are used in conjunction with grid power could be a viable option.

Nano-nouvelle’s innovative work is part of the new generation of high capacity batteries. Nanotechnology is used to create a conductive membrane with complex 3D surfaces overcoming the current limitations of high energy and high power batteries.

Other manufacturers can potentially incorporate Nano-nouvelle’s technology into their current processes to make higher performance batteries with minimal effort.

To save on energy and associated costs, Stephanie reminded us about using motion sensors and to turn off lights when not there, saying that the cheapest energy is “the energy we simply don’t use”.

For more information about nanotechnology, see CISC member Nano Nouvelle.

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