Sunshine Coast Cleantech Export Success

Of the more than 30,000 businesses operating on the Sunshine Coast, many are leading Australian exporters and contribute significantly to Australia’s GDP, our local GRP and export credentials.

The Sunshine Coast is acknowledged as the second highest performing regional economy in Queensland and is consistently recording some of the highest levels of business confidence.

Offering a comprehensive program of export development support the region plans is working to grow exports to 20% by 2033.

Sunshine Coast Council produced an Export E-Book of case studies as a showcase to be used by Australia’s trade and investment sector to help promote the Sunshine Coast and its unique “export-ise”.

Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast is a membership-based eco business hub connecting eco-friendly businesses with consumers and Government. We provide the latest cleantech news, expert advice and growth strategies for cleantech business owners and supporters.  To join CISC visit the membership page.

Megyn Carpenter, President, Cleantech Industries

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