Smart Waste and Healthy Waterways

Cleantech Industries Smart Waste & Healthy Waterways Event Speakers Pam Becker & David Coleman from the Smart Centre, Simon Tannock from AlgaEnviro, Glenn Eales from Envirocom, Scott Breust from Sunshine Coast Council and CISC President Megyn Carpenter.

At this CISC event, we were welcomed into the Sunshine Coast Council’s Smart Centre in Caloundra. Thanks to our speakers for an informative and entertaining event.

Glenn Eales from EnviroCom goes through the massive changes in waste discussing the impacts of the Containers for Change and Waste Levy, and those pesky non-recyclable coffee cups!
Simon Tannock from AlgaEnviro and CISC Member discusses ways to keep waterways healthy with diatoms to clear up algae blooms and remove pollutants. He referred to diatoms under the microscope as quite beautiful, much like snowflakes. We agree!
David Coleman and Pam Becker from the Sunshine Coast Council Smart Centre in Caloundra talk about the innovations happening in smart waste and clean energy on the Sunshine Coast.   Council won the ‘Leadership City’ and ‘Regional Leadership’ awards at the Australian Smart Cities Awards 2018. Michael Whereat from the council won the Government Leader Award. Congratulations to David and Pam and all at the Sunshine Coast Council.

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