Reducing Energy, Water and Waste Costs in Business

Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast (CISC) recently partnered with the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) to deliver an informative workshop to help businesses reduce costs.

Environmental consultants Don Parry and Annie Nolan, and energy experts Will Waters and Justin Bold shared their knowledge and ideas to help combat the recent price rises in and reduce waste and water.

Don Parry

Don Parry spoke on Sustainable Business and has a Degree in Business from UQ. The Nambour Rugby Club won the Community Award at the 2015 Premiers Sustainability Awards while Don was President and it was the first sporting field in Australia to be Organically Certified. As an ecoBiz Consultant for the CCIQ, Don worked extensively with small businesses to reduce their energy, waster and water consumption and costs.

Don said that nothing changes in cost reductions unless everyone in the business at all levels is on board. He said there needs to be passion and a plan for change. He is a fan of lean manufacturing and shared tips on efficiencies to save on water and waste and energy.

Annie Nolan

A sustainability, carbon mitigation and environment management professional, with Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Masters in Sustainability completed in Sweden and Masters of Management. Annie is currently managing Noosa Council’s Zero Net Emissions Strategy and recently managed the Sunshine Coast Airport’s Carbon Neutral accreditation.

In an Australian first, Annie managed the Sunshine Coast TAFE initiative to become the first higher educational facility to be Carbon Neutral Certified. As an ecoBiz Consultant for the CCIQ, Annie worked extensively with small businesses to reduce their energy, waster and water consumption and costs. Annie currently sits on the Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast Board.

Annie pointed out that by reducing the peak demand in your electricity you will reduce your overall bill which could result in significant savings. She advised to identify the ‘big thumpers’ of electricity which are generally heating, venting and cooling (HVAC) and make behavioural changes.

Justin Bold

CEO of EMMA, an energy advisory company serving government and private sector clients, Justin has a background in strategic procurement and project delivery. He is currently working with government on a $200M annual electricity spend as well as clean energy solutions across the entire Queensland schools portfolio.

Justin said the biggest issue recently with electricity is ‘bill shock’ and he advised to shop around and that its important to get the timing right when you change electricity providers because this can lock in the price you pay. He spoke about how the national energy market works and what you can do to combat price rises. Any line item on your bill that has a c/kWh can be reduced.

Will Waters

An energy professional at Planet Ark Power with a focus on reducing energy costs for commercial and industrial sites, combining sustainability, renewable energy and building efficiency. With tertiary qualifications in energy auditing, business and education, Will is Vice President of Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast and board member of the new local branch of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE).

Will went through a couple of case studies where there have been significant savings from solar plans. Interestingly one of the case studies could have had more savings but the roof space was limited. They maximised the number of solar panels possible on their entire roof. Something to consider when building is to maximise your roof space to accommodate maximum solar panels!

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