Really? A Free Eco Consult for My Business?

Want to save money on your power bills, water bills and waste bills?

The Queensland Government funds a free service for businesses and community organisations (schools, sports clubs etc) known as CCIQ ecoBiz.

You can receive a Site Survey (up to 2 hours) and Report on the most efficient ways you can reduce your energy, water and waste volumes and costs.

It is a stark and arresting fact that, since the middle of the 20th century, humankind has consumed more natural resources than in all previous human history

Margaret Beckett, launching the UK Sustainable Development Strategy (March 2005).

Smarter seems the only likely solution and smarter is what cleantech industries are all about. Both on the supply side (solar PV, wind, hydro, solar to battery) and on the demand side (automation, sensors, timers, energy management systems, water saving devices etc) we have to find ways to do more with less.

Most people are happy to reduce their demands on energy, water and waste to landfill and in doing so save money (who doesn’t want to save money) as long as it doesn’t affect their lifestyle.

Humanity will either have to cut back on its demands on natural resources by either going without or by being smarter about how we use natural resources.

Doing the ecoBiz program seems like a smart business move to us!

For more information about the ecoBiz program view the ecoBiz video,
 or visit the CCIQ ecoBiz website.

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