Conference Sessions at The Cleantech Effect 2017

50 Years Strong and Growing

A look at the development of the Sunshine Coast – 50 year anniversary. And what’s next?

Can you believe the Sunshine Coast has been developing for 50 years?

Design Challenges – Creating Sustainable Communities

Peter Maddison

In this keynote session, multi award-winning architect and Director of Maddison Architects Peter Maddison will discuss the importance of challenging current housing and community design to consider options for future livability. The presentation will address topics such as sub-tropical architecture, the ‘missing middle’, diversifying design choices, and building safer, healthier communities with a real sense of place. The high profile, well-respected speaker and host of Grand Designs Australia will inspire the audience to consider pushing the boundaries, integrate new technologies and materials designing and building for the future.

Building on Innovation: New Technologies from Projects to Practice

Anthony Burke

In an industry where efficiency is key to meeting budgets and schedules, it is important for all building and construction professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. This session will give a brief overview of the latest building technology developments and explain how they are influencing the industry.

 What’s Old Is New Again – The Resurgence Of Timber

Stefan Gerber

This presentation discusses some of the most compelling reasons for using wood in the built environment. A flexible, versatile and cost effective material, discover how not only is wood a natural product of inherent beauty, as a building material it offers superior performance backed by significant environmental credentials.

UnitingCare QLD Case Study – It’s More than ROI

Judene Andrews

UCQ is Queensland’s largest community services and health provider. With over 460 properties including 4 hospitals and an energy bill of $20million and rising, reducing operating costs is vital. With competing priorities in hospitals, crisis counselling and child protection services how do you decide what Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) you are going to implement? Is it just about the ROI or are there other business drivers that need to be considered when making these decisions. This presentation will provide an insight into the development of a Sustainability Matrix and the criteria when selecting properties in a wide diverse portfolio.

Maximise Energy Production Using Internet Of Things

Jeff Wehl

The Renewable Energy sector has long skirted around the edges of automation, but rising electricity prices have given an added sense of urgency to recent product developments. In this presentation, Jeff will discuss why its not about selling a Jetsons like living experience but it’s a purely economic approach which revolves around maximizing the capture of renewable energy production.

The Rise of Local Energy Trading

Nic Jacobson

Peer-to-peer energy trading is one of the latest disruptions in the power industry. This presentation will look at case studies of local energy trading both in Australia and overseas, and discuss the implications and opportunities of these community driven projects.

 Commercialising Innovation at Unitywater

Ray Aspey

Ray Aspey will discuss how Unitywater is fostering a culture of innovation by adopting three key strategies – envisioning, communication and sponsoring. These key strategies allow Unitywater to feed the core business, creating productivity gains in targeted areas and creates new growth opportunities for non-regulated revenue. He will also touch on Unitywater’s commercial focus areas and goals in achieving operational excellence throughout Queensland.

What Will It Take To Create Healthy, Smart and Creative Communities On The Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast

Bringing together a panel of both local and interstate industry experts, Dr Keith Suter will ask “How do we take the next steps to drive better design in our built environment that brings together new technologies and sustainable materials to guarantee the vision we have of the Sunshine Coast as a healthy, smart and creative community.”
Speakers on the Panel:
Anthony Burke, Keith Suter, Nic Jacobson, Peter Bolton-Hall, Richard Kirk, Adrian Just

 Future Opportunities for Sustainable Communities

Dr Keith Suter

This session will bring together the key messages of the day and shed light on the future of communities, both on a global and local scale. Highlighting the opportunities for continued exploration and growth in the area of clean technology, it will touch on both the economic and environmental impacts of the Cleantech Industry on the overall sustainable growth of the region.

Unitywater Supported Networking Drinks incorporating Kawana Chamber of Commerce meeting.

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